Survey Results

Favorite Party?
Dance Party 24%
Viva Variety 8%
Plush Fantasy 4%
Cowtown Hoedown 20%
Dark and Nightshade’s Elegant Sideshow 44%

What did you like most?

Host 36%
Dancing 24%
Witty touches 20%
Free food and drink 4%
Lighting 8%

What did you dislike most?
Nothing 41%
Drunkenness (your own) 4%
Witty touches 4%
Free food and drink 17%
Dancing 8%
Unsure/unintelligible 25%

How did you find your fellow partygoers?
Receptive 45%
Lewd and lascivious 32%
Inspirational 23%

Favorite decorations?
Sparkly curtains 43%
Little lame balloon man who whistles far and wee 13%
Small furry animals 30%
Round balloons 3%
Phallic balloons 1%

Were you ever sick or in extreme duress at a party here?

Yes 38%
No 62%

Wasn’t it your fault?
Yes 67%
No 33%

Is it true what they say?
Yes 79%
No 21%

Has the party, for you, a metaphysical dimension?

Yes 82%
No 18%


Various other non-percentage based user comments:


You should have "all of the above" as an option for both hard liquor and decorations.
That would be my first choice.
how did you make this form work?

first of the full-fledged; striped tights

he has a gill sans "g" tattooed on his ankle

when's ryan moving to new york? ahem. also, i'm sorry i'm a lame friend and never come to buffalo and/or call or email. if it
helps any, i tell people you're cool all the time and have been known to whine, in bars and rare cultural events, "where's
nick?" me and rick had infrared palm pilot beaming sex at the model the other night. i don't think anyone saw... at least i
hope not...

more drugs. no just kidding with you. i like food. and activities like everyone brings something. or plays something.
maybe everyone memorizes a poem. I know 2 by heart: "Anarchy in the U.K." and this other one by Jim Morrison!
Beach Party

How about a punk band? A folk duet if thats too loud!!!!!
I have to rock and roll all night, YEAH!!!!


didn't dislike much . . .
but lots of people were not properly attired

best music
lots of dancing (ie: best crowd)

livingston symposium: red wine philosophy sex party, greek style, broadcast live online.

i have to go read constitutional law--otherwise i'd put something witty and clever here. oh--here's a joke my sister recently
sent me:
So last Friday, my girlfriends and I went to this "Ladies Night Club."
One of my friends wanted to impress us, so she pulls out a $10 bill and waved it at the male dancer. The "dancer" came over
to us, and my friend licked the $10 and slapped it on his butt. Not to be outdone, my other friend pulls out a $50 bill. She
calls the guy back over, licks the $50 bill and smacks it onto his other butt cheek.
Now the attention is focused on me. What could I do to top that? I got out my wallet, thought for a minute, then the banker
in me took over. I got my ATM card, swiped it down his crack, grabbed the 60 bucks, and went home.

serve a pancake breakfast the day after?

no themes, EVER, if you ask me, though a book of fancy cocktail drinks sometimes lends itself to good party themes just
by adding the word "party" to the end of the drink: ie. chubby checker hot chocolate party, voodoo lady party, cointreau a-
go-go party, urban bourbon party, sidecar party, neon watermelon margarita party, patio daddy-o planter's punch party, van
gogh's anti insantity lemon tonic party, ... you get the point.

my friends had a "hawaiian lust" party. that was crazy. my roomate tried to make us have a theme party and i refused.
you should NEVER charge (at this point in the game) people to come to your party. part of the criteria of having legendary
host status is providing, sans fee. guests won't notice, but they will if you do charge.
a guest should feel inclined to bring their own beverages and contribute otherwise, unprovoked. that is, if they have any
semblance (sp?) of class... charging is so pre-millenial.
if a holiday is involved, play off that theme, for instance, for valentine's, a "sweaty already party" would be appropriate.
though i like the notion of "sparkly miscellaneous", what ends up happening is people mixing jager, cranberry and beer,
and classifying it under this heading. very dangerous territory. keep it simple.
above all, GOOD MUSIC is key, and KNOWING WHEN TO PLAY IT. also: limited light sources.
thanks for the eecummings.
balloons come in funny shapes, especially round. wish i could be there...

i sat on you, no that put you under duress

Here's a party idea:
Maybe just play that "Show us your thong" song over and over again
for like 6 straight hours, then end the party with the Macarena
With a dominatrix who makes everyone dance?? All night long.
And maybe we invite one or more faculty members to the party,
force them to put on a skirt and a thong (male and female)
and everytime the song plays, they have to show their thongs??
And maybe not--just a fantasy of mine.


Are you a cult leader? I think I know you, don't I?
You seem very familiar to me. Its as if we've met.
We've met, haven't we? I'm sure of it. Maybe somewhere,
sometime, but I know we have spoken. Have we spoken? I
feel as if we have spoken. I don't know where, but its so
natural. Isn't it natural? It just seems natural. I like
it when I get that feeling of comfort. Don't you think its
comfortable? Sometimes food is comfortable.


Meat. "Its not a meal without meat"

i personally like more electronic music but i understand there is a crowd of folks to please. maybe play just one kruder and
dorfmeister song or something! but i'm not complaining nick your parties are really fun.
dress as your favorite really bad television actor/character. haha.

i was overcome by the wonder of buffalo. it was magical.

what about the 4th of july party? you forgot to mention that one.
i like disco balls.
buffalo is a good place to go thrift shopping.
it rained when we went to niagara falls.
remember when rick broke your ceiling fan? that was funny.

more guest involvement in optional activities (ie: dancing {well, okay, so this is a "wish-list", right?) costumes, sparkly
and/or silver (way over the top)decorations, perhaps a game or contest room for the last party's "between" crowd (non-
talking, but not into dancing)
speakeasy/gangster thing, club night, futuristic intergalactic mega-party, etc.

this survey is a great, considerate, smart idea. i think that involved people will pay cash...i personally WILL happily fork
over the green to ensure a fun night that offers alternatives to the cheese log.
thanks, party developers!

shimmery decorations
turn the heat up
rules regarding porch use
tape a picture of your favorite politician
over the television set
no stoners allowed
dancing lessons

Now this is a tough one. 'Cause I could run on and on about unrealistic things, like all the free booze I can drink, or maybe
porn movies running around the clock, but none of this would happen. So what would I like to see more of? More party
people, and dammit, make them show up before 1 a.m. And how about some free party souvenirs? Like a fly-ass t-shirt, and
then all the lame-os that stayed at home would be jealous. I'll just stop here.
How about and underwater theme? Or maybe some other equally cheesy prom-esque idea. You know, like foregrounding a
song, like "I Had the Time of My Life '00." Man, I got a whole lotta ideas. How about "Less is More"? I'm not sure what that
would exactly mean, but it could be nice. Or how about you have a hat full of ideas, and you pick and e-mail then to each
person a week ahead of time, and then everyone has to guess. Although I can see this one pissing people off. I've always
wanted to have a party that foregrounded one person, and that person didn't know, and when he or she showed up, everyone
was wearing a shirt that had that person's face on it. That would be sweet, and it would incorporate the t-shirt idea from the
last question. I'd throw out "Come as Your Favorite Literary Figure," but we've already got serious geek problems and all,
being that we are in grad. school...

The last thing a graduate student needs to do at a party is talk. There needs to be more hoofing on a regular basis around
here. Let me add the COSTUMES category-- you forgot!-- as a particular winner that evening. A contest or general review
(perhaps I missed it?) might have been a good idea.
Eighties nostalgia predominated where rock & roll/motown/funk was much needed. Dancing tended to reduce all too
periodically to a devout, sing-along circle of host fans and host's music fans (near the stereo). Party music should be
orchestrated not around host's tastes but around high-energy construct aimed at getting, and KEEPING, the maximum
number people dancing.

On a night like any other, in a town just like yours,
Something's about to go very, very wrong.
>From the people who brought you "Heartburn" and "Flatliners"
Comes a film about hot young women, chainsaws, and binge drinking.
"Bed Sores"
Sometimes safe in bed is the most dangerous place to be.

"Well, I woke up Sunday mornin' with no way to hold my head
that didn't hurt. And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't
bad, so I had one more for dessert. Then I fumbled through
my closet for my clothes and found my cleanest dirty shirt,
and I shaved my face and combed my hair and stumbled down
the stairs to meet the day." -- Kris Kristofferson

no one's parties are better. and we like our own unique ability to expand and contract our experience by both attending the
party and sometimes choosing to watch them from afar (from the perspective of our porch).

natural ability to host, a good host, the host in ma chine, hosting facility with drunken revelers, excellent turntable FX, a
sure-fire host--what can you call it? It's what I aspire to, its The SMOOTH.

a grand, multi-dimensional, Rainbow Party, fully integrated and operational. More dancing!
More joviality and wine-soaked balladeering, talent contests and egg-throwing fights, mock trials, and heated debates
about issues, more resolutions, more emphasis on the people coming together to share a toke.

Long live the silver-tipped collar!!!

apparently 57 livingston has empty rooms now. we think there should be make-out couches and mirrors on the ceiling
installed, for those inspired into meta-physical dimensions.

there was this girl there that I liked but she dumped me and then I didn't go to a party at her house that night in favor of yours
but then she showed up and was not very happy because I had lied and told her that I wasn't going out that night thinking
she would be at her part and not yours

You did not include alternative beverages on the preferred list. Thus, "foofy mixed drink" being my choice, I would like to
qualify that by saying "foofy alternative virgin mixed drink".

once the host had a small after hours party at which the p-goer lost consciousness.