the following list contains individuals who have gone above and beyond that which constitues your average partygoer. i suppose, for many of them, there is no need to explain what exactly they have done to deserve this honor, but if you are not sure as to why you are here (or why you are not), please contact us here at trifecta parties and said individual will receive a swift and sure response. thank you and now, on behalf of trifecta partygoer relations and the executive committee, let us now honor those fine souls who gave a little bit more. . .
*denotes exceptional performance.

meghan sweeney*
graham foust
logan esdale
julia miller*
nathan goldberg
talia mayan
justin zavislak
jussi gamache
rick webb
kraig uram
annie smidt
don lennon
peter j. ramos
andrew sutherland
alicia cohen
joel bettridge

armin heurich & gail brisson
bill & sandy moon
sheryl and greg baker
tracy hogan
erinn grady
katherine 'mathew' spencer!
tom morgan
justin zavislak
catherine grey and ricky baldwin
dan moos and zubeta jalalzai
george the dog
katheryn wichelns
greg hoffman
scott thibeau
billy idol